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August 2016

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Class projects: more simple armor and a couple complex projects

So, i think i've mentioned before that my students do a simple and a complex armor project in the last part of the semester. These are sort of rough definitions, usually the simple projects are just smaller in scale or less complicated in materials used. I posted a while back about a few of the simple projects, and today i have a few more of those to share, as well as a couple images of complex projects (with more to come tomorrow as well!).

photo 2
Hardened leather vambraces with wing/flame detail by second-year grad Corinne Hodges

photo 5
Hardened leather pauldron by PRC Wardrobe Supervisor Sam Kate Toney

photo 3
Undergraduate assistant Aaron Warren models the "chainmail" tunic that second-year grad Colleen Dobson knitted from nylon fishing cord. Colleen then foiled the surface with silver transfer foil so that the purl "rings" would pick up the light like actual mail does.

photo 5
First-year grad Erin Abbenante created this armored capelet-gorget-esque piece from two types of leather, based on this piece of art by the Amsterdam-based artist Thea Tolsma.

photo 4
Back view of same.

photo 3
Jousting pauldron and arm-guard structure by second-year grad Corinne Hodges. These pieces are made using Wonderflex as a base, built up with vinyl spackle, Sculptorcoat, and paint.


When you say 'hardened leather', what exactly does that mean? Is it something added to the leather that makes it stiffer?

good question!

It's a technique you can use with vegetable-tanned leather, where you saturate it in hot water and stretch and mold it over a base. When the leather cools and dries, it hardens into the shape you've forced it into. Depending on what you are molding it over, you can tack it down, or bind it with muslin strips, or really anything that will hold it in place while it dries/cools.

Re: good question!

Thanks for the response. I always learn something new from your posts.