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March 2017

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top hats!


Just a quick post collecting a few hat-related topics of potential interest...

First off, Queens-Hat.com is sponsoring a hat design contest with the somewhat cheesy title, "Who Wants to Be a Milli-naire?" The prize is 2500GBP, and it seems to be open to international entrants (so, you don't need to be a UK milliner to enter a design). You can enter a design rendering/sketch or a photo of a finished hat, and the deadline is June 7th at midnight.

Speaking of the UK millinery community and hats in general, the BBC online has a great article about the decline of men's hats in the late 20th century and its potential impending resurgence. It's a really thorough, well-researched article which thankfully posits more contributing factors than the oft-repeated claim that "JFK destroyed the hat industry."

And, a couple more blog links!

Australian milliner Candice Herne has a blog featuring her hat designs. Can't tell how active it is though--seems to be possibly on hiatus. Regardless, she's got some lovely designs and the styling of her photoshoot(s) is fairly striking as well.

Ung farbror is a blog written by (as best i can tell) a milliner in Stockholm, Sweden. The link goes to his posts tagged for hats--he writes about other topics as well, all in Swedish. You can run the test through a translator site if you don't speak Swedish, but the photography is illustrative enough that you can get a good idea of what his posts are about, even without the translation. He appears to specialize in blocked felt hat styles, mens and womens both.



Hello from Oz

Hi Racheal Can you believe I googled myself and found you.I enjoyed reading your blog thanks for the mention and link. I update my blog when I have new work. I just exhibited new work so you can now see some new stuff up their. Look forward to exploring your blog more. Candice Herne