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Off-Topic: Non-profit MS anthology release

This has exactly nothing to do with theatre, costume production, millinery, graduate schools for costume career tracks, or any of the other topics you're used to reading about here, but i'm so proud i have to share.

La Bricoleuse is only one of the fora in which i write, and instructional/academic nonfiction is only one area of focus for me. I also write memoir, fiction, and creative nonfiction; occasionally these pieces are accepted for publication. I don't typically mention it here because, well, why? I hate when i read a particular blog with a specific focus and then randomly the author decides to start writing regularly about some crap i don't care about like his/her diet and exercise regimen, or a new pet, child, house, hobby, red-hot lover, or some similar personal irrelevant crap. (Callous? Maybe. But, true.) I know people read this blog because they are into one of the specific areas of focus--millinery or parasols or costume production or dyeing--and generally don't care if i have a short story coming out in some nerdtastic sci-fi magazine or an anthology about the travails of internet-dating.

But, i hope that y'all will indulge me this one, as it's a credit of which i am very proud, and which goes to serve a good cause: i have a piece called "Recollection" in the forthcoming anthology, Voices of Multiple Sclerosis, which releases December 1st and which has already gotten great reviews in both Publishers Weekly and Library Journal!

"VERDICT: Those diagnosed with MS or have a loved one with MS will find support in this collection of stories which provides a nice supplement to medical information about the disease as patients can read about others dealing with how MS has impacted their lives." --Library Journal

"Addressing all aspects of life with disease--diagnosis, diet, exercise, laughter, stigma, support, family and friends, acceptance, treatment, and the promise of new and better treatment--this is an honest collection that will provide great context and practical advice for patients and their loved ones." --Publishers Weekly

My mom has had MS for over 20 years, and i've often been active in MS-related charities over the years--i've done the MS Walk, raffled quilts, led fundraisers, and that's all been great--but this is something lasting which will hopefully actively, directly, positively affect those who read the book, both those diagnosed and their families/friends, while at the same time raising money for a non-profit. The anthology begins with an overview of the disease written by medical experts, and then follows with over 40 personal narratives.

Honestly, i wish no one had reason to read it. Unfortunately, so many of us do.

ETA 12/15/09 -- I'll be collecting links from related blog posts by other authors in the anthology here:

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