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Armistice Blouse exhibit, Center for Dramatic Art, UNC-Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is conducting a WWI Centenary Project, a "year-long conversation" about the legacy of that conflict, 100 years down the line. This has manifested in a huge range of participation across many departments and facets of the university, from exhibits in our museums, talks and workshops and presentations, theatrical and musical performances from the time period, and so forth.

The Costume Archive is participating, too, with a current display of "armistice blouses" and WWI artifacts in the lobby of the Center for Dramatic Art. I got a few photos, which i'll apologize for the glare of the glass from the display case. Not sure how long these will be on view, but probably for the remainder of the semester.

armistice blouses 2

armistice blouses

armistice blouses 9

armistice blouses 3

armistice blouses 4

armistice blouses 5

armistice blouses 6

armistice blouses 1
This folio-sized menswear fashion catalogue is also in the case, from Summer of 1917.

armistice blouses 7
Rear view with some boiled leather gaiters - this gives you an idea of the scale.

armistice blouses 8
Close-up of an order-form section for the suit styles in the folio
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