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Dye class projects: shibori!

I completely forgot to share the first round of dye class projects this semester!

I guess it's partly because the first third of the class is about classes of dye and fiber typology and generating sample sets on testfabric swatches, and what do you photograph there?

But it's also the fact that I post project shots on Instagram and then forget to do a roundup here. Oops.

Anyhow, the first large-scale project they do is two yards of shibori in the technique of their choice. They also choose the type of fabric they want to use and the appropriate kind of dye.

Here's the results!Second year graduate student Robin Ankerich made this design with fiber reactive dye on Spoonflower's basic cotton. The motifs are nearly a half yard tall.

(You'll notice several of these projects done on Spoonflower textiles. They donate fabric to our graduate program for educational projects like these!)Second year graduate student Michelle Bentley made this piece, also with fiber reactive dye on Spoonflower's basic cotton. The pattern is a traditional Japanese design of water. First year graduate students Sam Reckford also employed the stitched shibori technique and fiber reactive dye, but used cotton sateen and a deconstructed Japanese coin motif.

Second year graduate student Erin Torkelson created an engineered stitched shibori design on a half-circle skirt pattern, which was hard to photograph! This shows a detail of a section of radial striation. She also used fiber reactive dye on Spoonflower's basic cotton. Playmakers Repertory Company's costume stock supervisor Alex Ruba used a pole-wrapping technique and bamboo rayon with fiber reactive dye to create this striated pattern with a variegated border. She plans to make a sarong with it. First year graduate student Danielle Soldat employed a folding and clamping technique to create these three variations of a design. She used acid dyes on silk charmeuse.

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